Sports Pitch Construction

Whatever the sport, sports pitch construction is key to performance. Recognising this, governing bodies for sport lay down strict Performance Quality Standards for sports pitches at different levels of play – the aim, quite literally, being to level the playing field. Gone are the days when grass roots sports matches could be played on pot-holed pitches or the corner of a farmers’ field – to compete in a league competitions and matches must be played out on sports surfaces constructed to the minimum standards set out by the relevant governing body.

Sport construction for a range of disciplines

And it’s not just team ball games – cricket, rugby, hockey, football, netball and Gaelic football – that this applies to; tennis and athletics sports surfaces are also expected to meet their own PQS. TTS has experience in the construction of sports surfaces for all of these disciplines and more. A Sport England Framework Provider of Consultancy Services for Natural Grass Pitches, TTS has worked on projects spanning the construction of new and maintenance of existing natural and non-turf surfaces for a diverse range of sports.

It is proudly associated with a number of governing bodies for sport, including the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board), the FA (Football Association), the RFU (Rugby Football Union), the Football Foundation, the Sports Council for Wales and the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Foundation) among others. TTS is fully conversant with the required Performance Quality Standards for sports covered by all of these bodies and how to design and construct sports surfaces that meet these rigorous requirements.

Experience in sports pitch construction

Over the years, TTS has worked with clients in a diverse range of disciplines to design and construct sports surfaces and sport courts that meet the demands of their level of play. With clients ranging from International level grounds like the Malahide Cricket Ground in Dublin to leading independent schools to improving, league level football and rugby clubs and multi-sport community grounds every project is unique; the goal being to meet the client’s specific demands whilst also meeting those all-important Performance Quality Standards.

In order to do this in each case, whether it is a natural or synthetic sports pitch construction project, TTS follows a set process, which includes:

Sports Pitch Construction Phase 1: Investigation – The purpose of this phase is to investigate and understand all the issues. Communication between client and consultant is vital along with a thorough inspection of the site or surface, including laboratory tests. Once the facts are established, a feasibility study will present the findings. The report will identify the problem, the solution and outline industrial costs.

Sports Pitch Construction Phase 2: Solution – This phase involves the production of a design specification to meet the needs of the client and fulfil Performance Quality Standards set by the governing bodies of sport and funding agencies. A detailed specification & bill of quantities are also prepared as a basis for contractor procurement and, if required, TTS can also complete applications for or assisting with the gaining of planning permission.

Sports Pitch Construction Phase 3: Implementation – This is the practical execution of the project, and includes contractor procurement and supervision. To ensure the potential of the design contractor monitoring is crucial. TTS can act as a project administrator and produce contracts between all parties, as well as taking responsibility for quality control of materials, sequence of operations, design interpretation, and project sign-off.

Sports Pitch Construction Phase 4: Management The sustainability and potential of any project is controlled by how the surface is maintained and prepared. Phase 4 supports provides all the necessary information for a client to optimise its playing surfaces; including a detailed schedule of operations, working practices, material specifications and equipment recommendations.

State of the art sports pitch construction
In addition to the design and construction of fine turf sports pitches from grass roots to International standard, TTS also has vast experience of working with the latest synthetic sports technology. From cricket practice nets and match pitches and artificial Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) through to 3G football pitches, synthetic pitches for hockey and polymeric track and field athletics facilities, TTS selects the very best solution to meet the clients’ individual needs and budget.

Alongside the design and specification of the playing surface itself, TTS will also work with the client to ensure that the entire facility meets its demands – everything from perimeter fencing to floodlights, goal mouths to the landscaping of the land surrounding the new facility is factored into the sports pitch construction project.

Sports pitch construction costs

When it comes to the construction of a new sports pitch, the variation in potential cost is huge and depends entirely on the standard of play desired, what additional extras are desired and the materials specified.

Control over project budget is one of the main benefits of employing an experienced sports turf consultant to lead your sports pitch construction project. From contractors’ bills through to the procurement of raw materials to independent testing of the completed facility, the costs can soon spiral. By engaging a consultant to lead the project all of these costs will be encompassed within a set project fee that, presented in a formal proposal based on the site visit and discussion with the client, will provide a clear view of exactly what investment the new facility will represent.

This, along with the consultant actively seeking, engaging and managing groundwork contractors at every stage and undertaking all the ordering of raw materials and arranging delivery, as well as overseeing all works on site, gives the client peace of mind and means that they can get on with their day job without the added pressure of project management.


So, whether you’re looking to construct a new court for netball or tennis, invest in a state-or-the-art MUGA or construct a natural turf winter games pitch or cricket square from scratch, the sports pitch construction process remains pretty much the same until it comes down to the finer details – and those are very much best left to the experts. For advice and guidance on sports pitch construction, call 01604 862925. To see some of the sports pitch construction projects TTS has worked led over the years, visit case study page

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