Performance standards

As independent consultants, TTS bases its design and performance parameters on quality standards set out by sports’ governing bodies, i.e. The England and Wales Cricket Board, The Football Association, The IAAF, FIFA and the Institute of Groundsmanship.

TTS are able to arrange for EMI (electro-magnetic induction) scanning to produce soil variability maps for both the topsoil and sub soil. This non-invasive procedure provides a view into existing soil conditions and allows for targeted soil sampling.


The Performance Quality Standards (PQS)

The Performance Quality Standards (PQS) provide a recommended minimum quality standard for the maintenance and construction of pitches. Specifically, it sets the minimum standards recommended for natural and artificial grass pitches, which may be located in a park or recreational ground for use by grass roots groups, through to the standards required for play at elite level.

Graded levels of quality

The PQS are divided into graded levels of quality (High, Standard and Basic) and reflect the type of surface that is tested, e.g. a basic standard will be used to assess a surface where resources are limited. Performance Quality Standards. This provides a benchmarking system that can be used to specify the quality to which a facility must be constructed and the levels to which it should perform when in service.


Cricket Performance Quality Standard Tables



Football Performance Quality Standard Tables



Rugby Performance Quality Standard Tables


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