Ground surveys are the starting point of any construction project, and sports surfaces are no exception. To ensure that both natural and non turf facilities are designed to meet both the needs set out by the client and work effectively within the geography of the chosen site, TTS offers a comprehensive surveying service.


Advanced Software

TTS uses the latest surveying equipment to complete topographical surveyors; this allows the design plans to be completed in the latest version of CAD.

The software enables the project designer to accurately calculate distances, gradients, areas and volumes. The resulting precise information is then used to complete the design and Bill of Quantities.

Quality & Control

The software creates 3D visual plans making it possible for the designer to interact with, and receive input from, the client.

The same equipment can also be used to monitor and quantify works ensuring projects have been built to design specifications and quantities; providing a factual quality and quantity control system.



Sport England Framework Provider - 'Consultancy services for Natural Grass Pitches'